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Austin BBQ

An Austin BBQ Dynasty

   It has taken three generations of blood, sweat, and meat to achieve Blue Ribbon Barbecue.

   In 1945, Rudy Mikeska opened his first barbecue restaurant in Taylor, TX just outside of Austin, TX.  His world famous BBQ was enjoyed by governors, senators, presidents and royalty for over 50 years.

   And Mopsie Mikeska Cavo, Rudy's daughter, was there for 35 years operating his restaurant and catering business. In 1997, she created Catering by Mopsie, which is now one of the top catering businesses in the country.

   And then came Bobby Cavo.  For 21 years, Bobby watched his grandfather and mother perfect not only the BBQ business but also the catering business:

“Working with my grandfather and mother for 21 years has not only given me tremendous experience and knowledge, but also a passion and love for the business. Grandpa taught me about Austin BBQ and Mom taught me catering.“

   Blue Ribbon Barbecue was born in 2010 as the rare as the rare union of these two well-honed business models.  Bobby hopes it is yet another fulfillment of his grandpa's 1945 promise to “just serve great Texas BBQ.”